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This is my page!

Yeah good! Welcome to my own, personal page! It will contain some of my own thoughts, and philosophies, as well as some pictures of other live concerts that I have been to. It will definately contain some pictures and cool stuff too!

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of music. For me music is a way of life. It sets moods and brings out the deepest emotions in people. For example, any certain U2 song, such as "Where The Streets Have No Name" can make me cry just as much as it can bring hope and peace to my life. That's just one song.

I think that music is beautiful and so are people. I think that it's what other people do and how it affects you, is what makes us who we are. It may not make a whole lot of sense right now, but someday, I'll try to explain myself a little better.

Life is beautiful! Enjoy!

I hope that you have enjoyed my web page so far. Let me remind you that this entire page of U2, and 54-40, is still under development. It WILL get better, I promise!

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By the way, I hope that you like my picture down below!

Here ya go, a picture of me, finally!

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